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Suitable as a gift

It will be a strap with a funny mask.

A total of 8 colors.
If you choose random, we will deliver a well-balanced color.

The masker often gives presents to the audience.

In this way, the strap is hung from the collar,
as you go around the audience, remove the strap from the collar and distribute

The price is 250 yen per piece, so you can easily distribute them.

Made of glass, each face is different

First of all, the designs and colors of the masks are different.

Everything is handmade, so it will be different.

Each one has a different expression, which is unbelievably cute!

Enlarge the photo and take a look.

They all have cute expressions!

Then, the painting on the mask is coated with glass.

This glass makes it very shiny and gives it a luxurious feel.

Because of our bulk purchase, we will deliver at a low price

High quality for 250 yen!

Because we buy in bulk, we can deliver at a low price.

They are 250 yen each, so you can feel free to give them as gifts.


Inventory is kept at our office in Japan, so orders placed by
15:00 can be shipped on the same day.

However, due to limited stock in Japan,
in some cases, we may have to order from our Chinese office.

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