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Must buy mask

If you are a mask master,
this is the mask you want to have.

Used as the outermost surface or one inner surface.

The impact is great, and
the audience is very surprised.

The excitement at the venue will accelerate at once.

Abundant colors and designs

We have more than 10 different designs.

The pattern was created by a professional designer.

We will send a design catalog to the purchaser.

mustache of soft material

The beard is made from a very soft material.
It can be used not only on the outermost surface, but also on the inside.

It is recommended to wear 2 masks at the same time on the beard side.
If you use 3 or more, the beard will physically swell and it will not look good.

Polite and beautiful

[Highest grade] 3D thick mask set and standard product.

The fabric used is thick and breathable.
In order to pursue a good fit, we adopted
3D mask production technology.

The design takes into consideration the unevenness of the face,
and it is comfortable to wear.

Delivery flow

1 This site, your order, your payment.
2 Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order.
We will send you a catalog (design collection) of the mustache face.

Choose your favorite design.
Please also measure your face.


We will make a mask according to your size.

5 Japanese staff will inspect and disinfect the product at our office in Japan.
6 We will deliver to your home.