[192 designs] classic masks

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Normal mask Outstanding quality

・Thickness: Normal level. Thinner than high-end masks. → It is easy to breathe.

・Color development: High color development with high-precision printing.

・Design: 192 designs! Major update in April 2022!

*This is the standard mask that comes with the costume.

*The number of designs may vary.

Adoption of 3D mask technology

3D mask technology is used.
We calculate the unevenness of the face, process the fabric into a special shape, and sew them together to create a
three-dimensional mask.

Compared to conventional products,
it fits your face better and allows you to change your face comfortably.

Furthermore, the fit does not make you feel like you are wearing a mask, so
it looks better to the audience.

We will make it according to your size

After ordering, customers will be asked to measure their own head size.

Based on that data, we create a mask from the fabric and
print it.

Because everything is made to order,
it fits the customer's face.

for the


You can incorporate the Kaimen and Hanmen into a set of 12 cards for free.
We will also explain the
options when our staff will contact you after your purchase.

Flow until delivery

1 Order and pay at our online shop.
2 Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order.
We will send you a mask catalog (design collection).
Also, please measure your face.
I will also explain the options.

Choose your favorite design.


In our mask workshop in China, each mask is carefully made one by one.

5 Delivered to our office in Japan.
Inspection and disinfection work will be performed.
6 We will deliver to your home.