[Hanagami mask]

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Change the mask while adding a fan or flower to the mouth

This product allows you to change the mask
while keeping the fan or mask in the mouth.

By applying special processing to the mask,
it is possible to change the mask even while adding something to the mouth.

Polite mask

[Highest grade] 3D thick mask set It is a mask of the same standard.

You can choose from about 100 different designs.
(There are about 20 recommended designs.)

Highly colored, 3D mask, thick and highly breathable

*Explanatory videos are not included.

Delivery flow

1 Order and pay on our website.
2 Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order.
We will send you a list of mask designs.

Choose your favorite color.
Take measurements.


We will make a hanagami mask with the design and size you specify.

5 Inspection and disinfection work will be done in Japan.
6 After inspection, we will deliver the product to your home.