Hands-free Face Changing [Made in Japan]

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 "Hands-free face changing" is
a device that changes your face without moving your hands and feet.

It is also called non-action change face.

It's like magic because it changes your mask without moving.

When used in conjunction with a normal mask, it will confuse the audience even more.

Developed and manufactured in Japan

Conventional hands-free masks were made in China.
The quality was unstable, and many problems occurred.

Therefore, we started manufacturing
hands-free face changing device in Japan.

Because it is made in Japan, it is a carefully structured and stable product.
You can use it with confidence.

Made to order

We will manufacture after receiving your order.
It may take some time to deliver depending on the production situation.

Estimated delivery time: 2 weeks to 1 month

Product variation


variation is

・Kit for changing 1 face: 60,000 yen
・Kit for changing 1-2 faces: 75,000 yen
・Kit for changing 1-3 faces: 90,000 yen
・Kit for changing 1 to 4 sides: 100,000 yen
Kit for changing 1 to 8 sides: 150,000 yen

*Price includes shipping and tax. Prices are subject to change.
*Coupons cannot be used

It is possible not to use the maximum number of kits.
(Example: ``It is possible to change the face of only 2 hands-free using a kit that changes 1 to 4 faces.'')

Product features

You can change your face hands-free with your own costume!

Basically all costume types can be used.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

*This is a proprietary product developed by Chugoku Henmen Shoten.
* All products are assembled and manufactured in Japan by Japanese engineers. It will be a complete build-to-order production.
*Some parts are made in foreign countries.
*The warranty period is 6 months. In the case of a natural failure, we will repair or replace it.


Using the hands-free face changing kit is very easy.
Usually, you can master how to use it in about an hour.

The product has a video explaining how to use it, so please
watch it.

If you have any questions after purchase,
feel free to let us know!
Our Japanese staff will provide detailed explanations.

Comes with a costume purchase coupon.

A coupon that can be used to purchase
costumes will be enclosed when the hands-free mask is delivered.
Please use it when purchasing costumes.

Please use it when purchasing costumes! The enclosed coupon price is as follows.

1 piece kit: 5,000 yen coupon
2 piece kit: 10,000 yen coupon
3 piece kit: 15,000 yen coupon
4 piece kit: 20,000 yen coupon
8 pieces kit: 30,000 yen Yen coupon
Cannot be combined with other coupons

Product details

・Hands-free face changing kit
・Instruction manual
・How to use instructional video
・Coupon for costume purchase


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Inquiries are being accepted on the official LINE chat of Chugoku Henmen Shoten!

Our Japanese staff will take care of you.


Contact us by email or phone at here !

*Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.