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The classic folding fan

A fan used by many maskers.

In the face-changing show, it opens and closes vigorously.
As a result, it wears out quickly.

If you have a stock,
you can rest assured even if the folding fan is damaged.

The meaning of the mask color

Each color of the mask has a meaning.
In today's world, there aren't many maskers who care about that, but
I'd like to introduce you.

blue   A person with a short temper and a violent temper. The color of evil gods, monsters, monsters, ghosts, monsters, etc. The representative is Roh Ji.
Red A person with a sense of justice and a spirit. loyalty, etc. It is the most revered color and symbolizes sincerity and loyalty. Kanu is the representative.

At this time, why don't you consider which one to use, including the meaning of the color?


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