Face-changing costume [The classic]

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I made a standard costume with special attention to materials and embroidery

We carefully made the standard costume.

The quality of the costume is most obvious in the design.

But there is one more thing to look at.
That is the quality of the cloth.

For items under 100,000 yen,
we use normal fabric quality to keep the price

There is no problem if you use it less than 10 times a year (once a month), but
if you use it more frequently than
, it will cause pilling on the fabric.

In order to prevent such troubles,
this costume is
using a higher-grade fabric.

This costume is characterized by its luster and beauty.

10,800 yen with LINE coupon!

Product details

A set of changing costumes (costume, mask, cloak, hat, etc.)



Face-changing music CD (includes 2 songs)

Explanatory video for beginners

* You can choose your mask from many candidates.

* Special moves will be added for free!

* Anyone can change the face by watching the explanation video.

*The hat worn by "Red + White" is called "Taishikan". An additional charge of 20,000 yen is required. Please contact us for more information.

All costumes are made to order

Costumes are
made in a specialized workshop in China after receiving an order.

Of course, it is custom-made, so
we will make it according to your body size.

Please measure yourself after purchase.
(It's very easy.)
After purchasing, follow the measurement page below to take measurements.
Measurement result input form (for full body costume)

Flow until purchase

After purchasing on the product page,
our staff will contact you.

Therefore, we will discuss the details of the costume and select the mask.

After the meeting,
we will create a "specification sheet" that describes the details of the customer's costume.
Costume production according to the specifications.


It will take 3 weeks to produce this item.
After that, it will take about two weeks for transportation.

Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
We will respond.

Free shipping item .

Please feel free to contact us.

I'm sure you're worried because it's a high-priced item.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will consult with you until you are satisfied with
with the polite explanation of the staff in charge and the costume video.

Contact here .


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.