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Would you like to become a face masker who is one rank higher?

This course is for
people who have already started masking, but are worried about
movement, or want to become a mask masker who is a step above the rest.

Are you satisfied with just being able to change your mask?

Changing your mask

You started to change your face,
you made a lot of effort,
I think you've improved so far.

So, why don't you brush up on your
face-changing skills under the guidance of a mask-changing professional?

The important thing is "other actions"

In most cases, 12 masks are changed in one stage (15 minutes).
In one stage, the moment when you change sides is just a moment.

In other words, for the approximate duration of the show, they are
doing other things while not changing faces.

This "other action" is quite difficult.

Conversely, if other actions are beautiful,
the show will be more powerful and the venue will be more lively.

・How to hold your hands (this is the most important thing.)
・How to appear
・How to walk on stage
・Standing on stage Direction
・How to turn the fan
・How to hold the fan
・Action before changing the face
・Action after changing the face
・How to rotate
・Dance Movement
・Creating the atmosphere of the venue
・How to interact with the audience

It is quite difficult to learn these things on your own.

We will guide you according to your level

Therefore, in this face-changing instruction course,
we aim to improve our skills as a
face-changing master according to the customer's face-changing level and requests.

An experienced face-changing instructor
assesses the customer's condition and
what they are good at? What am I missing?
, etc., and provide accurate advice and guidance.

The specific content of the instruction is
・How to hold hands (this is the most important.)
・How to appear
・How to perform on stage How to walk
・How to stand on stage
・How to turn a fan
・How to hold a fan
・Action before changing face
・Action after changing face
・How to rotate
・Dance movements
・How to create the atmosphere of the venue
・How to interact with the audience

▲Image of instruction

Guidance place

We will visit your designated location anywhere in Japan and provide guidance.
*Transportation and accommodation fees may be charged for locations outside of Tokyo.
*Transportation and lodging expenses are not required if you live in Tokyo.
*Customers are requested to prepare their own practice space.
*In the case of instruction in Tokyo, we will prepare a place for instruction.

Order flow


 Product purchase and payment within the site.

Payment methods are bank transfer or credit card.


Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order. We will discuss
, request
, guidance place, date and time


We will put together what we have decided on in a "teaching plan" and send it to you


As soon as we receive confirmation,
costume production will begin. (It will take about 2 weeks for production.)


Our staff will visit you at the specified location and date.
We will give you face-changing guidance while consulting with the customer about the content of the guidance.

If you are concerned about paying in one lump sum, you can pay in installments.
Please pay the half price (65,000 yen) before the instruction, and pay the balance (65,000 yen) after the instruction. Please contact us if you wish to do so. Contact here .

Please feel free to contact us.

I think you may be worried because it is a high-priced item.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will consult with you until you are satisfied with
with the detailed explanation of the staff in charge and the costume video.

Contact here.


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.