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Detailed decorations

Detailed decorations.
In addition, as a trend, hats are getting smaller.

This hat is also not as big as a traditional hat,
it is considerably smaller.

We will make it upon order

We will make it by hand according to the size of the customer's head.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but
please measure yourself after purchasing the product.

Please use
this measurement form [mask/hat] to send the measurement items and measurement results.

Flow until delivery

1 Purchase and payment

Measuring form [mask/hat] Please use to measure.
 3 The person in charge of our store will contact you for final confirmation
by phone, email, or official LINE.

Our store staff will create a
"specification sheet" summarizing the design, size, and other requests.


According to the specifications, we will manufacture the hat in our workshop in China.
It will take about 2 weeks to make.


After completion, it will be airlifted to the Japan office.

7 Disinfection and inspection at the Japan office
8 Delivery to the customer. We use Japan Post or Kuroneko Yamato.
We will inform you of the tracking number, etc. at the time of shipment.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We will consult with you until you are satisfied with
with the polite explanations and videos of the staff in charge.

Contact here .


*The costume photo is an image. Design and use are subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.