Chinese military commander Guan Yu [trend hat] minimal crown

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for face-changing outer cap

This is the smallest class of face-changing outer hats.
All unnecessary parts have been omitted.

An image of Kanu



One of China's famous generals. He also appears in Sangokushi. He is one of the generals who supported Liu Bei.

In modern China, Guan Yu is said to be a person who attracts money.
There are statues of Guan Yu at the entrances and exits of Chinatowns and temples.

Also, while Guan Yu is an ally of justice,
his face turns red when he gets angry.

For this reason, in traditional Chinese performing arts,
justice blushes.

The meaning of the red mask
A person with a sense of justice and character. loyalty, etc. It is the most revered color and symbolizes sincerity and loyalty.

This product is a face-changing outer hat made in the image of Kanu.

We will make it according to the customer's head

This product is made to order.
We will make it according to the size of the customer's head.
After ordering, please use the measurement result input form [mask/hat] to take measurements.