[Lecturer is a Chinese professional masker] Mask masking instruction @ Japan

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If you really want to become a professional masker

What is the definition of a professional masker?

Of course, there are many ways of thinking.

If you can change your mask without spoiling it, you can say that you are a professional masker.
If you can stand on a paid stage, you can say that you are a professional masker.

Our company considers a professional masker,
It's natural to be able to change sides well.
The important thing is to change the side and move other than time.

The important thing is "other actions"

In most cases, 12 masks are changed in one stage (15 minutes).
In one stage, the moment when the face is changed is only a moment.

In other words, the approximate duration of the show is
I am doing something else.

This "other action" is quite difficult.

Conversely, if other actions are beautiful,
The show will be more powerful, and the excitement of the venue will increase.

In particular,
・How to hold your hands (This is the most important thing.)
・How to appear
・How to walk on stage
・How to stand on stage
・How to turn the folding fan
・How to hold the folding fan
・Operation before changing sides
・Operation after changing sides
・How to rotate
・Dance movement
・Creating the atmosphere of the venue
・How to interact with the audience

Learning these things on your own is difficult.

"1 minute on the platform, 10 years on the platform"

There is a saying in Chinese that goes like this:

"1 minute on the platform, 10 years on the platform"

To make one minute on stage,
It takes 10 years of hard work behind the scenes

is what it means.

Actors who specialize in changing faces, working in China,
I practiced from a young age and became a first-class masker over the course of 20 years.

I have received training such as "walking" only for 8 hours a day and doing it every day for a year.

Guidance by such a mask master

We Japanese receive such training because
It's not very realistic.

Therefore, we propose
"[Lecturer is a Chinese professional masker] Mask masking instruction @ Japan".

With the guidance of a professional masker who is active in China,
experienced in their lives,
"Essence of Face Change"
I will tell the customer.

by this,
We will raise a professional masker at high speed.

[Lecturer is a Chinese professional masker] Mask masking instruction @ Japan

Lecturer: Professional masker active in China
Number of days: About 1 week
Location: Japan
Cost: 500,000 yen (Japanese interpreter fee is included.)

Separately required fees: Lecturer transportation expenses, accommodation expenses
Achievement goal: Acquire the basics of face-changing and acquire face-changing techniques that can be applied. Training professional maskers.

Application: First, please contact us. We will make the best proposal while listening to the customer's story. Contact us here from.


28 years of changing faces

From Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, 28 years old
With my father as my teacher, I have been practicing mask changing since I was a child.
It is said that there is not a day in his life that he has not touched a strange face until today.

Every day, I came into contact with strange faces, became deeply interested, and conducted research every day. Based on the traditional Chinese mask transformation, we have created many original techniques by making use of our many years of performing arts experience. I have a record that I can do 5 times with just a round face.

In addition, he is one of the leading mask changers in the Chinese mask change world today with many original techniques.
You can create your own costumes, hats, shoes, props, and more by changing the design of the traditional mask costume more rationally.

Beautiful movements with sense kung fu

The face-changing motion is also based on folding fan kung fu, and the lively and beautiful motion is original.

He has a unique method for changing face instruction and is supported by many students.
Not only from all over China, but also from all over the world, those who wish to change their faces gather.

▲Kang's disciples

▲Mr. Jiang's performance video

Support even after the end of instruction

Our motto is Chinese proverb "Blue out to blue and win to blue" .

"The teacher should take responsibility for teaching until the student exceeds his own level."
is what it means.

This is a teaching that has been embodied by the master who studied under the representative.

For customers who received face-changing instruction at our company,
We will provide semi-permanent support responsibly.

"How do you use this part of the costume?"
"What is this string on your costume?"
"I can't wear the mask well..."
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Within 12 hours from our staff,
We will reply with video and text.

These services are of course free.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Contact us here from.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any requests or questions.