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Feel free to make your own mask

This is an original mask making kit.

The rough draft of the pattern is printed thinly on the fabric.
The pattern was created by a professional designer.
All of them are based on designs that were born in the history of Kawageki.

Please refer to it and paint it with your favorite color.

You can easily make your own original mask.

Luxury mask fabric

[Highest grade] We use the same fabric as the 3D thick mask set .

The fabric is thick yet highly breathable.
This is a mask that uses 3D mask production technology.
Calculate the unevenness of the face, etc., cut the fabric using a special method, and
assemble it in three dimensions.

The 3D mask allows you to enjoy an unprecedented fit.

Recommended usage

Apply your face with paint.

If you do

, the thickness of one mask will become thicker.
If all the masks used in the face-changing show are painted,
breathing will become difficult.

Since it is

, it is recommended to use about 1 to 5 masks from the mask set as
[coloring masks].

I will make it according to the customer's face

You will be asked to measure the size of your face
by yourself.

Based on that data, we will make your mask.
It will be a perfect mask.

Flow until delivery

1 Order and pay at our online shop.
Please purchase the required number of sheets.
The more you order, the cheaper the price.
2 Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order.
We will send you the base color and pattern list.
Choose what you like.
Also, please take measurements at the same time.

Choose your favorite base color and design.


In our mask workshop in China, each mask is carefully made one by one.

5 Delivered to our office in Japan.
Strict erection and disinfection.
6 If there is no problem with the product,
we will deliver it to your home.