[Natural feather] For changing face (set of 2)

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Add elegance and power

It is a natural feather.
Use it by sticking it in the outer hat of the changed face.

I recommend it because it adds beauty and impact.
It's a natural thing, and when the
masker moves, the wings sway with it, which is beautiful.
If you can move the wings well, the wings will move in a strange way, like some kind of creature.

The custom of using feathers comes from the traditional Chinese art of river opera.
In the play, the most important characters in the military used wings.


Using natural bird feathers.


How to use

Wings - base - outer capUsed in this order.

The base is 3,000 yen per pair (with peacock feathers).

If you purchase 150CM or more, we will give you a base.

*After you place your order, our staff will contact you to explain the base.
*Processing is required on the outer hat. Our staff will explain.


Name of each part


Customers who purchase the base will receive a peacock feather as a gift.

The base is 3,000 yen per pair (with peacock feathers).

If you purchase

150CM or more, we will give you a base (with peacock feathers) .


▲ Base of face-changing wings

Protect and deliver

It will be delivered in a vinyl chloride tube.
In the unlikely event that there is a problem during delivery,
we will quickly replace it with a new one.


Please be aware of the following points before purchasing.

*As this is a natural product, the feather color may differ from the photo. note that.
*Because it is a natural product, the texture and variety may vary depending on the timing of purchase. note that.
* Japanese buildings have low roofs. If it hits the ceiling, it may be damaged. Please be careful.
*Because it is a natural product, it is vulnerable to physical force. Please handle with care.


Contact here .

Please feel free to let us know if you have any requests or questions.
Inquiries can be made in the official LINE talk of Chugoku Henmen Shoten.