Face-changing costume [ripple blue] double collar

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Characteristic 20-collar

The collar is doubled.
This design was born in June 2020.

Highly colored and beautiful embroidery

Using a beautiful blue thread, it has a characteristic pattern and ripples!

Product details

A set of changing costumes (costume, 12 masks, cloak, hat, etc.)



Face-changing music CD (includes 2 songs)

Instructional video for beginners

* You can choose your mask from many candidates.

* Special moves will be added for free!

* Anyone can change the face by watching the explanation video.

All costumes are made to order

Costumes are
made in a specialized workshop in China after receiving an order.

Of course, it is made to order, so
we will make it according to your body size.

Please measure yourself after purchase.
(It's very easy.)
After purchasing, follow the measurement page below to take measurements.
Measurement result input form (for full body costume)

Please contact us before purchasing!

It will be an expensive product.

I think there are concerns and questions.

Please contact us before purchasing.

Contact here .


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.