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Son Goku with his face changed

In the face-changing show,
usually, we will incorporate Son Goku's mask once.

Make the monkey's unique movements and entertain the audience.

・Scratching various places with your backhand
・Blinking your eyes
・Bending up one leg

Incorporating Son Goku comes from the river drama that is the source of
face change.

full color print

The face of Son Goku is printed on the

Because we use our own high-color, full-color printer
, the prints are very beautiful.

This is a unique mask.

Using 3D mask technology

[Highest grade] Masks of the same standard as the 3D thick mask set .

By using 3D mask technology, we have achieved an unprecedented fit.

3D mask technology is
where multiple pieces of cloth are processed into complex shapes and
are sewn onto the mask using a unique sewing technique.

This makes the fit to the eyes, mouth, and nose irresistible.

Please try it once.

I will make it according to the customer's face

You will be asked to measure the size of your face
by yourself.

Based on that data, we will make your mask.
It will be a perfect mask.

Flow until delivery

1 Order and pay at our online shop.
2 Please measure your face yourself.
Please fill in the measurement result input form [mask/hat]

The staff in charge will send you a manual confirmation email.


In our mask workshop in China, each mask is carefully made one by one.

5 Delivered to our office in Japan.
Strict inspection and disinfection.
6 If there is no problem with the product,
we will deliver it to your home.

Make-up for the role of Son Goku

Although not related to this product,
Among traditional Chinese performing arts such as river opera and Peking opera, when it comes to
Journey to the West, there is always an actor dressed as Son Wukong. increase.