Phantom large face changing device [Illusion 3 change]

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Finally here! Change your face and clothes!

With a large stage set in the background, you can change your mask and costume [Illusion 3 Change]!

The reading is "Kanei Sanpen".

Product details

6 illusion costumes (embroidery, color changeable)
6 special masks
2 assistant costumes
6 special umbrellas
special fan Act set (approximately 2.2 x 3.6 meters)
1 flag
Performance music (CD)

due date

Because it is a large product, it will take about 3 months to deliver.

Flow until purchase

After purchasing on the product page,
our staff will contact you.

So, we will discuss the details of the costume and select the mask.

After the meeting,
we will create a "specification sheet" that describes the details of the customer's costume.
The costume will be made according to the specifications.


It will take a week to produce this product.
After that, it will take about two weeks for transportation.

Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
We will respond.

Free shipping item .

Please feel free to contact us.

I'm sure you're worried because it's a high-priced item.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will consult with you until you are satisfied with
with the detailed explanation of the staff in charge and the costume video.

Contact here .


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.