Face-changing costume [next-generation waistcoat]

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Uses a next-generation face-changing device!


face-changing device includes

・Traditional face changing device
・Next generation face changing device

I have a


The former is the most used face-changing device in the long history of face-changing.

The latter is a face-changing device developed in the summer of 2019.

The latter is a generic (generic product),
It is a newly developed face-changing device that adopts the good points of traditional face-changing.

The next-generation face changing device has a structure that
makes it difficult for the audience to find out the mechanism at the moment of changing the mask.

This costume uses a next-generation face-changing device.

Would you like to experience the latest costumes?

Hiding the mechanics with such a small waistcoat

Because it is a next-generation face-changing device, all mechanisms are hidden with such a small waistcoat.

Breathtaking beauty

It is carefully embroidered with glittering gold thread on a high-quality cloth.

If the staff were to buy their own costume,
they would buy this costume.

Enlarge the photo to see the beautiful embroidery.

▼Chugoku Henmen Store's embroidery factory

You can also use a cloak instead of a waistcoat

Because of the use of the next-generation face-changing device,
it is possible to use a small cloak instead of a large cloak.

For an additional 40,000 yen, you can wear a waistcoat.
*Please let us know by writing in the remarks column when ordering the product, or by contacting us.
Contact here.

Because it's a next-generation face-changing device, even if you don't have a
cloak to blind you, the audience won't find out!

Customers who use traditional face changing equipment,
would you like to step up?

Free combination of design and color

As you can see in the photo,
You can freely combine colors and designs!
Enter your request in the remarks column, or
our staff will contact you after purchase.

Product details

A set of changing costumes (costume, 12 masks, cloak, hat, etc.)



Face-changing music CD (includes 2 songs)

Instructional video for beginners

* You can choose your mask from many candidates.

* Special moves will be added for free!

* Anyone can change the face by watching the explanation video.

All costumes are made to order

The costumes are
made in a specialized workshop in China after receiving your order.

Of course, it is made-to-order, so
we will make it according to your body size.

Please measure yourself after purchase.
(It's very easy.)
After purchasing, follow the measurement page below to take measurements.
Measurement result input form (for full body costume)

Flow until purchase

After purchasing on the product page,
our staff will contact you.

Therefore, we will discuss the details of the costume and select the mask.

After the meeting,
we will create a "specification sheet" that describes the details of the customer's costume.
The costume will be made according to the specifications.


It will take 3 weeks to produce this item.
After that, it will take about two weeks for transportation.

Please contact us if you are in a hurry.
We will respond.

Free shipping item .

Please feel free to contact us.

I'm sure you're worried because it's a high-priced item.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will consult with you until you are satisfied with
with the polite explanation of the staff in charge and the costume video.

Contact here .


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.