[Special skill acquisition 4 hours] Face-changing instruction

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We teach special techniques

I will teach you 5 tricks.

If necessary, our instructor will process your costume.

return After the masker finishes changing the mask and returns to the real face, it returns to the mask again.

earthquake surface

The mask changes at the moment the masker flies.

karate face change

Change the mask while opening all the arms and legs.

hanagami change face

It is a technique that changes your mask while holding a flower in your mouth.

Left and right open bow

At the moment when the left and right arms are wide open, the masks change one after another.

Includes 12 premium masks

Including the mask required for special skills and the normal mask, [Highest grade] 3D thick mask set (35,000 yen) is included in the price.

Items included in the product price
・4 hours of instruction
Includes masks required for special skills and normal masks [Highest grade] 3D thick mask set
・Customer costume processing and parts
・Karate changing face kit

If time permits, we will teach you what you want.

Approximately 2 hours will be enough to complete the special skill costume processing and instruction.
In the remaining time, we will teach you what you want.
I will guide you step by step.

Example) Dance that combines special techniques
Example) How to turn a folding fan

We have experienced staff,
Please feel free to ask me anything.

▲Image of instruction

Guidance place

We will visit you anywhere in Japan and give you guidance.
*Transportation and accommodation fees may be charged for locations outside of Tokyo.
*Transportation and lodging expenses are not required if you live in Tokyo.
*Customers are requested to prepare their own practice space.
*In the case of instruction in Tokyo, we will prepare a place for instruction.

Support even after the end of instruction

Our motto is Chinese proverb "Blue out to blue and win to blue" .

"The master should take responsibility for teaching until the student exceeds his own level."
is what it means.

This is a teaching that has been embodied by the master who studied under the representative.

For customers who received face-changing instruction at our company,
We will provide semi-permanent support responsibly.

"How do you use this part of the costume?"
"What is this string on your costume?"
"I can't wear the mask well..."
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Within 12 hours from our staff,
We will reply with video and text.

These services are of course free.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Order flow


Product purchases and on-site payments.

Payment method is bank transfer or credit card payment.


After placing your order, our staff will contact you within 12 hours.
We will send you a list of mask designs (dozens of types) by email or official LINE.
Choose your face pattern.

At the same time, we will discuss the location and date of instruction.


We will send you a "specification" that summarizes what has been decided in the consultation.


Please check if there are any errors in the "Specifications" by the customer.


Once confirmed,
We will start making the mask. (It will take about 2 weeks for production.)


Our staff will visit you at the specified place and date.
At this time, I want you to give me your mask,
I will give you 4 hours of instruction.

If you have any concerns about paying in one lump sum, you can also pay in installments.
Please pay the deposit (35,000 yen) before starting mask making, and pay the balance (40,000 yen) at the time of instruction. Please contact us if you wish to do so. contact us here from.

Please feel free to contact us.

I think that there is anxiety because it is a high-priced item.
Please feel free to contact us.
With the staff's polite explanations and costume videos,
We will consult with you until you are satisfied.

contact us here from.


*The costume photo is an image. Design is subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this before purchasing.