[Special skill 6-piece set]

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With this kit, you can do special moves

・Masks required for round face, quake face, left and right open bow, karate change face, karate change face, hanagami face
・Tools required for various special moves
・Commentary videos for each special move, costumes Processing method video
・Tools and strings for costume processing

* You can freely choose the mask design from 100 types.

is included in the set.

If you follow the instructional video to process the costume, you can master the
face-changing special technique.

set of 2 types

(1) Special skill 5-piece set (7 masks included)

② 5-piece special skill set (12 masks included)

There is


① is a set of the minimum number of masks required for special skills.
② is a set of ① set contents + 7 normal sides.

Usually, one set of masks used in one mask show is

We recommend that you use masks of the same standard.

If you use masks made with different standards at the same time,
you will not be able to put on the mask properly.

Since it is

, we recommend the ② set.

High quality mask

[Highest grade] Same standard as 3D thick mask set .

Once you have this set of masks,
you won't need any other masks.

Made-to-order, beautiful design, high color, thick, excellent breathability, 3D designed

Delivery flow

1 Order and pay on our website.
There are two patterns.
Please select the desired pattern and purchase.
2 Our staff will contact you within 12 hours after placing your order.
We will send you the mask design catalog.
Choose your favorite design.
Also, please take measurements.

We will make a mask with the design and size you specify.

4 We will carry out inspection and disinfection work in Japan.
5 We will deliver to your home.