[Change face] Ballpoint pen

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Very popular! The face of the ballpoint pen also changes

・The doll's arm moves when you knock on the ballpoint pen.
・If you lower the doll's hat, the doll's face will change.

What a strange ballpoint pen.
The real thrill of changing faces is reflected in the ballpoint pen.

This is a very popular item for fans of funny faces!

Would you like a present?

Customers who are fans of changing faces can use it for themselves.

The masking artist can give the client of the masking show
as a souvenir of the day.

It will be very appreciated as a present.

It comes in a paper box.


Buy 4 and get 1 free

For each purchase of 4 ballpoint pens (any color is fine), we will give you one as a gift.

You cannot choose the color of the gift.
We will make the final decision based on the balance of the color combinations.

*The design is subject to change without notice.