I would like to introduce [The Movie of Changing Faces (1996)].

変面の豆知識 -

I would like to introduce [The Movie of Changing Faces (1996)].

"Change your hand to this oar"

Performed on June 9, 1995, 96 minutes
Director: Wu Tianming
Starring: Zhu Xu

A joint production between China and England.

The king of street performers with the ability to change faces

The setting is China in the 1930s. It was when the Republic of China government ruled.

Wang, a street performer who has the ability to change faces, lived alone in a small boat and
lived as a face-changing street performer on both sides of the river.


Because he lost a child in his youth, no one inherited his own mask-changing technique.

After reaching middle age, the king decided to buy a child and pass on his skills.

King and Inu meet

The king buys a boy.
The reason I chose a boy is because I wanted to tell only men about the face-changing art.

I bought an 8-year-old boy at the market for 5 yuan.
But the child was a girl dressed in boy's clothes.

(At that time in China, male workers had market value, but girls did not. That is why the mother of the seller must have misrepresented their gender.)

The king named the child "Kuwa", raised him with great care, and gradually taught him street performance skills.

Guwa was clever and helped the king well. The
King really liked Guwa.


The secret will come out

However, one day,
, the king realizes that Gia was a girl. Continuing to be deceived, the king got angry and kicked out Gua.

Guwa left the King in grief.
But then disaster struck the king.

The friendship between the two never ended

When Kiwa learned about it, he
tried hard to help the king
in order to repay him for raising him.

Knowing this, the king is moved by Gui and
brings him back to himself.

They travel and experience various things while doing street performances.


, the king taught the girl, Inuya, the technique of changing faces.

I'm sure you'll be moved to tears by the human drama of these two.

Face change in the play

This is a movie released in 1996.
The face-changing technique used in this
was already enough to entertain the audience.

Special techniques such as rounding are also used.

King's costume

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