Special face-changing skill

変面の豆知識 -

Special face-changing skill

In addition to just changing your mask, there are many special tricks to change your face!

Face change: After the masker finishes changing the mask and returns to the real face, it returns to the mask again.

Shake Mask: The moment the masker flies, the mask changes.

Karate face change: Change face while opening up arms and legs.

Hanagami Change Mask: A technique that changes your mask while holding a flower in your mouth.

Left and right open bow: The moment you open your left and right arms wide, your mask will change one after another.

Eruption: A great move that spits fire from the performer's mouth.

Hands-free Face Changing: A new technique developed in 2019. You can change your mask without moving any part of your body.

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