Regarding the recruitment of maskers

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Regarding the recruitment of maskers


Chugoku Henmen Shoten, our motto is to have Japanese people enjoy

We are looking for a mask master to join us in this activity!

Chugoku Henmen Shoten deals with a variety of operations related to face modification.
We will outsource part of the work to a registered masker.

Dear Japanese maskers, please register.
We will contact you if there is a project that meets the conditions.

[Business content]

・Perform face-changing shows at various events all over the country.

・Other duties involving changing faces. (Television appearance, photo shoot, etc.)


[Required ability ]

You must be able to perform 10 minutes or more by yourself .

* Beginners welcome, no experience required

[Reward ]

・In the case of a face-changing show, 1Free of charge per stage~50,000¥.

*The detailed amount will be determined at the time of contract, depending on the nature of the work.


・We will conclude a business consignment contract for each task.

[Registration method]

Please enter the following information into our official LINE or
email ( ).



・Phone number


・Operable date

・History of changing face ( years, acquisition method, stages experienced, etc. )

A video of changing faces 1 This (1 video of the stage. If you can do special techniques for more than 3 minutes, please incorporate it. )

Based on your career and facial acting videos, based on our standards,

We will assign the face-changing skill level.

We will outsource the work when the content of the work and the convenience of the masker are matched.


I think there are many people who would like to stand on the stage of a face-changing show by themselves, but
are still a little worried about their skills...

In that case, please consider our face-changing instruction.
Professional face changer will provide face change instruction tailored to each individual.
You will learn beautiful movements while making the most of your strengths.

  [Step-up 10 hours] Face-changing instruction ¥130,000
[Special skill acquisition 4 hours] Guidance on changing face ¥75,000
[Completed in 20 hours] Guidance on changing faces ¥200,000

 In addition to this plan, we also have made-to-order plans. Please contact us.


Please fill out our official LINE or inquiry form.


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