[Thousand-Year Fireworks (Daitenka)]

中国の伝統芸能 -

[Thousand-Year Fireworks (Daitenka)]

More than a thousand years of history

Millennium Fireworks (Chinese name: 打铁花), a traditional performing art originating from Shanxi and Henan provinces in China.


It has a history of more than 1,000 years and has been designated as an intangible cultural asset in China.

Sprinkle melted iron

Millennium fireworks do not use gunpowder at all.

Burns coal, melts iron scraps, and shoots a 1600 degree crimson iron liquid into the air.



▲ Rolling iron

"Fireworks that scatter melted iron without using gunpowder."

Therefore, the
spark stays lit for a long time,
and falls to the ground while still glowing.

Create powerful fireworks that look like bright flowers blooming in the night sky.

Still having fun

It is still performed in various parts of China and entertains many people.

The performance is worth seeing.


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