A must-see for maskers ★ About money hands ★ [First public release in Japan]

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A must-see for maskers ★ About money hands ★ [First public release in Japan]

Have you seen this pose before?

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Have you ever seen a face masker
doing a pose like this in a face masking show?


 This mysterious hand shape!
There is a reason why Chinese maskers do this pose.

This pose is called "money hand".

The Chinese reading is "Jin Cheng Show".

What does it mean? 

This pose means
"I wish you all to become rich!"
I have.

The origin of this pose dates back to the Qin dynasty in China.
The first emperor of Qin unified the currency of China.
At that time, he started using a coin called anasen.


There is a square hole in the round circle,
If you pass a string through the hole, you can easily collect a lot of money and
it is very convenient to carry.

Coins like this were used for many years until the Qing dynasty,
and have become representative money in Chinese history.

In the river drama where the face mask originated,
the face masker imitated the shape of this money with his hands, and the
"money hand" pose was born.

Later, many maskers began to
do this pose while enjoying the
audience and wishing that the audience would become rich

How to make

Make a circle with the thumb and index finger of both hands, make a square inside the circle with the middle finger and ring finger, and hide the little finger behind the ring finger to complete.

It's quite difficult, isn't it...

The trick is to make the outer circle as round as possible and the inner square as square.
Please give it a try.

▼This is a video on how to make money!

It can also be used as a finger exercise, and
would you like to incorporate it into a face-changing show in hopes that the audience will become wealthy?

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