[Under construction at Nogizaka] Television production cooperation

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[Under construction at Nogizaka] Television production cooperation

Thank you for your interest in Face Change.

Let me introduce you to this TV production cooperation project.
■Nogizaka under construction
■TV Tokyo affiliated nationwide network
■2019/11/3 24:00~
■Making face acting guidance for Asuka Saito, who is the center of Nogizaka46
■In spite of your busy schedule, I received your guidance with all my might. He was very intelligent and quickly absorbed what I explained to him.

We are working hard to popularize face-changing.
Thank you for taking the opportunity to show your interest in the face change.

History of changing faces

I would like you to take this opportunity to learn more about the history of face masking. If you have time, please take a look at The history of changing faces . We explain the moment of the birth of the transformation.

We also translated into Japanese the catchy BGM that is often used when changing faces. Please take a look. From here.

About our company

The current China's best maskerandOur companyteamed up to create the highest level of masking We offer
I will take responsibility to deliver interesting and interesting masks to everyone in the right way, and I hope that everyone will enjoy them and that they will continue to develop.


costumes are made-to-order, so it is possible to make designs similar to those broadcast .
We also accept requests for guidance staff.

Click here for instructions on changing faces.
here for the mask costume.

Distributing a 5,000 yen discount coupon for costumes! See below


Distributing a 5,000 yen discount coupon for a masked costume by adding a LINE friend

Inquiries can be made on our official LINE . (Please add a friend from the button below and contact us.) Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


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